K9 Honey

Raw Honey for Dogs - Allergy Relief for Dogs - 6 oz

K9 Honey

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K9 Honey for Dogs is an all-natural product made by nature. Use K9 Honey as a tasty and nutritious treat or as a delicious food topper. Your dogs will swarm to this raw honey and you’ll be happy with health benefits they receive.

The health benefits of raw honey for humans have been known for thousands of years. K9 Honey contains antioxidants, natural enzymes and powerful nutrients your dogs may need. Dogs love the taste, so it's easy to feed as a treat or a food topper. Raw honey is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial and has even been used as an effective wound dressing for burns, infections, hot spots and pressure sores.  

9 regions - 9 pollens

What sets our honey apart from others is our innovative blend of 9 pollens from 9 different regions across the United States.

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