Can dogs have raw honey?

Absolutely! Not only do dogs enjoy the taste of raw honey, they receive many benefits from the "nectar for the dogs". Raw honey may help calm your dog's digestive system, decrease symptoms of Kennel Cough, improve their immune system, and reduce sensitivities to environmental allergens. Raw honey is even used to treat wounds! Learn more about the many benefits of K9 Honey for dogs and read the many studies that have been done about raw honey for dogs. As with all treats, be sure you stay within recommended feeding guidelines.

Can all dogs eat honey?

Like any treat, honey is considered safe for dogs to consume in moderation. Consult your veterinarian before feeding to dogs younger than six months.

Is K9 Honey safe for puppies?

Since K9 Honey is a raw food, we recommend you don’t feed raw honey to dogs under the age of six months.

How much K9 Honey can I feed my dogs?


My dog has diabetes. Is raw honey safe?

As with all chronic conditions, it's best to consult with your veterinarian before starting any new foods, treats or natural remedies. However, some studies have shown that raw honey is safe for dogs with diabetes due to the slow increase in blood sugar. Talk to your veterinarian.

What is the least messy way to feed this treat to my dog?

Dogs naturally love the taste of raw honey and most will enjoy this treat as a topper to their daily pet food. You can also give them a taste straight from the spoon, or place inside a Kong toy and freeze for a delicious toy treat throughout the day.

My honey hardened. Is it safe?

Due to its antiviral properties, raw honey never goes bad. In fact, honey was recently discovered entombed for thousands of years with ancient pharaohs and is still edible! However, crystallization is a natural process for honey. To restore honey to its liquid state, simply place the bottle in warm water. This process can be done as many times as necessary to restore liquidity.

Keep in mind, however, that crystallization may make it even easier to give to your pets! Just place a teaspoon of crystals in their favorite toy for a tasty treat.